[collaborations by]

Ben Estes // Ben Fama // Ben Kopel // Ben Mirov // Ben Pease

Christian Hawkey // Simone Kearney

Paul Legault // Jocelyn Spaar

David Lehman // David Shapiro

Chris Martin // Mary Austin Speaker

Allyson Paty // Danniel Schoonebeek

Emily Pettit // Guy Pettit


[January 2012]

[we publish collaborations between poets and painters, 
painters and poets, and poets and poets]

“Not only was collaborating a way to be at work and at a party at the same time, but it gave me the chance to do a kind of work I couldn’t otherwise do. I had an instantaneous perceptive audience for every move I made (word I wrote); ordinarily getting a response takes longer than that. We worked fast, and wanted to get a lot done. If my words weren’t perfect, Larry could fix them with some red or yellow; the same for his brushstrokes and pictures, I could amend them with adjectives and nouns. At least, we assumed so. All this created an atmosphere, of speed and excitement, that might or might not make for really good work, but it made for a certain kind of work that neither of us did alone, and whatever this was might turn out to be good.”
— Kenneth Koch